Tattoos by George

​About Me 

I've been tattooing for many, many years but professionaly since 2006.  I love tattooing all kinds of art such as Black & Grey, Skulls & Evil, Religous, Traditional, Floral, New School and Scripts.  

I'm a simple family man from Joliet, IL. who loves tattooing.  I got my first tattoo when I was 12 years old as well as doing my first tattoo on the same day (it didn't turn out so well though). 

I completed my apprenticeship at West Side Tattoos and a couple years later I began tattooing professionaly. After West Side I worked at Ace Of Four Hearts then Tattoo City.  You can now find me at Flesh Gear in Rockdale, IL.  


  1. 01
    Black & Grey tattoos are said to have originated in jail. Many people choose photo-realistic portraits to be done in black-and-grey because they resist deterioration better than color portraits.
  2. 02
    What colors should I choose for my Tattoo? What colors will match my skin tone better? There are many different colors to choose from. This is something the artist will be able to sit down and work with you to decide.
  3. 03
    Many people have this dilemma. A cover up may be needed to erase a past relationship or sometimes necessary to hide a previous poor quality tattoo. Cover ups depend on the size and colors of the original artwork. Old tattoos can also be revised to reflect something else.


I have a deep passion for what I do and enjoy all the different varity of clients that come my way.  See my gallery and  reviews and judge for yourself. 
  1. "I have never come across an artist like George Zabala, he is the upmost professional. You come to him with an idea and he brings it to life. His attention to detail is amazing. He lets you know time and money and there is no bullshit. No hidden agenda. My wife and I will never use anyone else again! Thank you again for the great work and accommodating my schedule as well. It's employees like George that make companies successful. I hope the owner recognizes the commitment you have to your art."
    Allan J. Caliman II
  2. George is amazing very sweet, funny, relaxing guy who makes you feel so comfortable! His work is absolutely phenomenal! I would recommend him to anyone
    Kayla Lynn K
  3. "I,ve been wanting another tattoo for some time and was finally able to save the $$. I decided on my tattoo but wanted it to be my "own tattoo" so George customized it and I was very happy with his design. He did my tat and it came out better than I could have imagined. Every single person that seen said it's beautiful! Thanks George"
    Kathy Fisher
  4. "First off I want to express deepest gratitude towards George. He took my idea and turned it into a badass custom tattoo that blew my expectations out of the water! He really understood the meaning behind my tattoo and i could feel it meant something to him too.Awesome guy and we had a lot of laughs while he expressed his amazing talent! I'm already planning a full sleeve and no one but George is going to do it. Thanks again brother for the amazing piece of art!"
    Brendan James
  5. "LOVE George Zabala's work!"
    Gina Kiss
  6. "Just got my first tattoo with George and it came out amazing!!! I am already thinking what my second one should be! Definitely a great place to get a tattoo at and George was the best! Thank you!"
    Jennifer Bomba
  7. "George Zabala is a brilliant artist! My second piece from him and it just gets better every time! Can't wait for round 3!"
    Justin Ruch
  8. " had my first tattoo done by George last night, he was amazing and really cared about my first experience being a good one! Having someone like that made it all worth the pain of getting the tattoo!"
    Kasey Raye
  9. "George did an amazing job on my tattoo."
    Emily Walles
  10. "George is very professional and friendly make you go thru the process more easy. Thanks"
    Patricia Testino-Luna


  1. black and red sleeve
    black and red sleeve
  2. pitbull
  3. dot work
    dot work
  4. black and grey ac/dc
    black and grey ac/dc
  5. vintage flower
    vintage flower
  6. mandala elephant
    mandala elephant
  7. clowns
  8. clown
  9. nightmare before christmas
    nightmare before christmas
  10. mario
  11. dices
  12. dancer
  13. shovel head
    shovel head
  14. anchor
  15. skull
  16. Polynesian  tribal
    Polynesian tribal
  17. reaper
  18. rocket
  19. portrait
  20. rottweiler color portrait
    rottweiler color portrait
  21. black and gray
    black and gray
  22. lobster
  23. jellyfish
  24. skull
  25. skull and roses
    skull and roses
  26. eagle
  27. black and grey flag
    black and grey flag
  28. frankenstein
  29. dark forest
    dark forest
  30. Marilyn
  31. egale and heart
    egale and heart
  32. american eagle
    american eagle
  33. gremlins
  34. Title 34
    Title 34
  35. animal
  36. bart
  37. pumpkin
  38. halloween sleeve
    halloween sleeve
  39. Japanese sleeve
    Japanese sleeve
  40. praying hands
    praying hands
  41. angels
  42. clowns
  43. wheres my skin
    wheres my skin
  44. hummingbird
  45. memories
  46. evil ducky
    evil ducky
  47. tiger in my chest
    tiger in my chest
  48. jason mask
    jason mask
  49. hello
  50. koi
  51. flower
  52. cover up
    cover up
  53. cover up
    cover up
  54. rottweiler
  55. cover up
    cover up
  56. fix up
    fix up
  57. black and gray roses
    black and gray roses
  58. flowers
  59. butterflies and rose
    butterflies and rose
  60. water color
    water color
  61. buttfly
  62. under boob
    under boob
  63. under boob
    under boob
  64. pocket watch
    pocket watch
  65. trash poka
    trash poka
  66. flower and scissors
    flower and scissors
  67. openhand wrench
    openhand wrench
  68. different type of paw print
    different type of paw print
  69. realism dog print
    realism dog print
  70. gone fishing
    gone fishing
  71. anchor and flowers
    anchor and flowers
  72. cover up
    cover up
  73. speaks for its self
    speaks for its self
  74. lace and flowers
    lace and flowers
  75. cover up
    cover up
  76. fun tattoo
    fun tattoo
  77. four seasons tree
    four seasons tree
  78. the beginning of a horror half sleeve
    the beginning of a horror half sleeve
  79. day of the dead
    day of the dead
  80. watercolor
  81. sad
  82. what time is it?
    what time is it?
  83. realism eye
    realism eye
  84. till death do  us part
    till death do us part
  85. geometric
  86. flowers
  87. till death do us part 2
    till death do us part 2
  88. galaxy lion
    galaxy lion
  89. skull
  90. phoenix
  91. dices
  92. Title 92
    Title 92
  93. Title 93
    Title 93
  94. Title 94
    Title 94
  95. Title 95
    Title 95
  96. Title 96
    Title 96
  97. Title 97
    Title 97
  98. Title 98
    Title 98
  99. Title 99
    Title 99
  100. Title 100
    Title 100
  101. Title 101
    Title 101
  102. Title 102
    Title 102
  103. Title 103
    Title 103
  104. Title 104
    Title 104
  105. Title 105
    Title 105
  106. Title 106
    Title 106
  107. Title 107
    Title 107
  108.  Woman’s face
    Woman’s face
  109. Title 109
    Title 109
  110. Title 110
    Title 110
  111. Title 111
    Title 111
  112. Title 112
    Title 112
  113. Title 113
    Title 113
  114. Title 114
    Title 114
  115. Title 115
    Title 115
  116. Title 116
    Title 116
  117. Title 117
    Title 117
  118. Title 118
    Title 118
  119. Title 119
    Title 119
  120. Title 120
    Title 120
  121. Cowboy
  122. Title 122
    Title 122
  123. Title 123
    Title 123
  124. Title 124
    Title 124
  125. Title 125
    Title 125
  126. Title 126
    Title 126
  127. Title 127
    Title 127
  128. Title 128
    Title 128
  129. Title 129
    Title 129
  130. Title 130
    Title 130
  131. Title 131
    Title 131
  132. Title 132
    Title 132
  133. Title 133
    Title 133
  134. Title 134
    Title 134
  135.  Shadow
  136. Title 136
    Title 136
  137. Title 137
    Title 137
  138. Skull


1810 Moen Ave,
Rockdale, IL. 60436